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Name: Eternia
Location: New York, NY
Sample Track: Nowhere No More ft. Torae & Ms. Davis Produced by 9th
About Eternia

Juno-nominated and widely considered one of Canada's foremost lyricists, Eternia continues to carry the torch for those Hip Hop aficionados who crave... s'More. 

With six music video singles on international rotation, and two critically acclaimed full-lengths released in 2005 – “Where I Been – The Collection” & “It’s Called Life” (Urbnet Records) – Canada’s “best kept secret” has paid good dues and is ready to prove it. 


In 2005, Following a slew of successful singles, videos & feature releases including “Work it Out”, “Sorrow Song” (Universal/Maple), “Understand If I” (Battle Axe Records), “Just the Way It Is” (Urbnet), and the Australian national radio hit “Movin’” (‘Warner Records), Eternia proudly introduces to the world her most personal offering, the highly anticipated full-length album; It’s Called Life.  She is widely respected amongst the international hip hop scene and this is verified by the calibre of guest artists appearing on ‘It’s Called Life’ including Wordsworth, Kenn Starr, DJ Dopey, Helixx C. (Anomalies), Freestyle (The Arsonists), Cesar Comanche (Justus League) and Jessica Kaya. Kicking it on a spectrum of life and interpersonal relationships with some poignant concepts and intelligent metaphorical plays, Eternia works her magic over some classic production by Tone Mason, Rude, Collizhun, Mercilless, Bounce and Simahlak.


Eternia has toured extensively in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and most recently Europe; those that are lucky enough to catch her live credit her as one of the best live performers they have witnessed.  It is Eternia’s ability to convey her personality and life experiences fluidly through her rhymes (in addition to the ease with which she can annihilate people lyrically) that has kept those in the know checking for her for over a decade.

Eternia’s newest addition to her growing discography in 2007, “Where I’m At – The Setup”, boasts an impressive roster of producers and featured artists – 9th Wonder, M-Phazes, Frequency, Torae, Ms. Davis, The Polyrhythmaddicts (Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mr. Complex, Tiye Phoenix), Wordsworth & many more - that believe in this hard-hitting femme-fatale.  Perhaps, for a moment, you can do as they did: put aside race, gender, and nationality, close your eyes…




We guarantee you’ll Believe.



·   Nov. 07 Toured w/ Pharoahe Monch, O.C., Zion I, Necro, Dj Revolution & Reef the Lost Cauze in Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Germany & Romania


·   Where I’m At – The Setup released July 2007 through Urbnet Records. Mixed by “Mixtape DJ of the Year” DJ Law (Stylus Awards), boasting new features with 9th Wonder, M-Phazes, Frequency, Torae, Ms. Davis, The Polyrhythmaddicts & many more.


·   “Do This Like Me” b/w “Putcha Hands Up” ft. Wordsworth digital radio single released June 2007 through Urbnet Records.


·   Nominated for a Canadian Juno Award in 2006 for Best Rap Recording


·   “Struggle” music video & radio single released November 2006, featuring Wordsworth & Kenn Starr. Featured on Much Music, Much Vibe, and supported by radio shows internationally through an international electronic promo campaign.


·   “Love” music video & radio single released March 2006, in support of Amnesty International’s “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign. Featured on Much Music, Much Vibe, FLOW 93.5, and exclusive radio & video shows internationally.


·   It’s Called Life, Eternia’s debut full-length, released October 2005 through Urbnet Records/Outside Music in Canada & distributed in Australia through Shogun Distribution.  Executive-produced by Eternia & funded by FACTOR Canada.


·   “Evidence b/w Bang” Collectors Edition 7” record single released in Australia November 2005 through Double Beef Records & Shogun Distribution.


·   “Evidence” music video & radio single released September 2005, featured on Much Music, Much Vibe, FLOW 93.5, &exclusive radio & video shows internationally.


·   Where I Been – The Collection released independently April 2005, boasting 30 tracks of Eternia’s previous work, collaborations, drops, and unreleased material, such as the 9th Wonder produced exclusive, “Everything”.


·   Both “Understand if I” music video (ft. Freestyle of the Arsonists) & “Just the Way it Is” music video (ft. Classified, Maestro, & D.L. Incognito) released 2004, featured on Much Music, Much Vibe, MTV Canada, & exclusive video shows internationally.


·   “Movin” ft. A-Love featured single on the first Hip Hop compilation to be released by a major recording label, Warner Music, in Australia.


·   Nominated in 2003 for ‘Best Independent Urban Artist’ at the Canadian Independent Music Awards.



·   “Sorrow Song” music video released 2002, featured on Much Music (Much Vibe), MTV Canada, Rage TV (ABC Australia), & exclusive video shows in the U.S.A.


·   Featured in North American print publications such as URB, The Ave, Mugshot, Unlimited, Vice, Connex List, Under Pressure, Pound, Peace, Word, Eye, Exclaim, NOW, and countless more. Featured in Australian print publications such as 3DWorld, Scene, Play, Rave, Stealth, Out4Fame, Time Off, and Turkish publication The Milliyet.


·   “Sorrow Song” featured on Canada’s first all female urban compilation, Honey Drops, released by Phem Phat Productions/Universal Music Canada & the video version released on FLOW 93.5 FM’s “Soul On Ice” compilation CD.


·   Eternia’s lead singles (“Evidence”, “Bang”, “Sorrow Song”, “Work it Out”) featured on national Australian radio shows, Triple J (Hip Hop Show) and SBS Alchemy, as well as supported on local stations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, & Sydney.


Guest appearances with artists such as: 9th Wonder & Cesar Comanche of the Justus League (NC), Apathy (CT), Kenn Starr (D.C.), Torae, The Polyrhythmaddicts, Wordsworth, Freestyle of the Arsonists & the Atomz Family (NYC), Reef the Lost Cauze (Philadelphia), D.L., Maestro, Classified, G-Knight, Ms. Davis, & Tara Chase (Toronto), Kia Kadiri & Ndidi Cascade (Vancouver), Royal Fam (Finland), Sirhot Narcotic (Turkey), Snowgoons (Germany) & Maya Jupiter, Trey, A-Love, Plutonic Lab, & Prowla (Australia).



“Eternia is a bone fide rap vet.”

- URB magazine, 2006


“Just Blaze says Eternia is Crazy on the Mic”

- Peace Magazine, 2006


“One of Canada’s Hottest Exports

- Mugshot Magazine, 2005


“Eternia Semiramis, a true redefinition of Hip Hop.”

- The Connex List, 2005


“She is, without question, one of Canada’s best kept secrets… Eternia is a hip hop phenomenon waiting to happen”

- Pound Magazine, 2005


“She rips the mic, she tears up the stage, and she shreds all competition – male and female – to nothingness"

 - The Dish, 2005


“Possessing a crisp flow and the ability to work a crowd, she knows how to entertain and enlighten minds at the same time"

 - The Ave Magazine, 2005


“Eternia is one of the most versatile, talented emcees in Canadian hip-hop. She's a powerhouse and a very smooth professional at what she does"

 - Exclaim Magazine, 2004


"Forget everything you know, suspend all ignorance and disbelief, because Eternia is breaking all boundaries and barriers and you can't sleep on this"

 - Terminal City Magazine, Vancouver 2003


"Eternia rocks the party straight with superb MC skills and a stage presence that means business"

 - Scene Magazine, Australia 2003


“Eternia is a brilliant lyricist and an artist with integrity who is passionate about her craft… she is definitely one to watch”

- Eye Magazine, Toronto 2003


“Canada’s Dopest Female Emcee”

Exclaim Magazine, 2001


Eternia - Evidence


Other videos can be found here:




http://www.Urbnet.com/eternia  (label site)

http://www.Myspace.com/eternia  tour blogs are here

Visit Eternia Online at  www.Urbnet.com/Eternia


Azar S. - pocketsizepimp@gmail.com – U.S.A

Kyle Lundie – kyle.lundie@gmail.com - Canada



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